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Sexual harassment affects one in four workers in Australia, making it a serious issue that needs to be addressed. To combat this problem, the Respect@Work Act was introduced, which imposes new responsibilities on managers and employers to prevent harassment in the workplace.

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) gained powers in December 2023 to enforce Respect@Work compliance on Australian organisations and investigate, issue notices and penalties on those that don’t.

It’s time to ensure your organisation demonstrates its commitment and establish the necessary safeguards against harassment.

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace requires more than just training. True prevention requires clear policies, a culture of respect and accountability, and leadership committed to promoting a safe workplace. Addressing underlying attitudes and beliefs is also crucial.

Safetrac’s Respect@Work Toolkit can help you meet your compliance obligations.

Respect@Work Toolkit

To help businesses navigate this complex issue, at Safetrac, we’ve designed a toolkit that can help organisations showcase reasonable measures in preventing sexual harassment within the workplace.

This toolkit will help your organisation:

  • Comply with new laws.

  • Educate staff and leaders on new responsibilities.

  • Showcase your business's investment to protect its brand and reputation.

  • Be confident to report progress to the Human Rights Commission by December 2023.

What’s included?

Compliance LMS

Manage compliance training, policies, surveys and reporting in one platform.

Legally Updated Courses

Rollout our range of off-the-shelf, legally updated courseware immediately to your staff.

Optional inclusions

Anonymised Surveys

Assess the prevalence of sexual harassment in your workplace and benchmark your progress over time.

Business Health Check

Analyse how effective your current processes are and what you need to improve to be compliant.

Example Policy Template

Helping you rollout policies that cover off what's important

For more information on how Safetrac can help you with your Respect@Work obligations, download our info pack.

Helping Australian companies showcase reasonable measures

Respect@Work recognises the multiple key factors work hand-in-hand in creating a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace. Factors include leadership, formal learning, risk assessment and processes, policies and procedures. Safetrac’s Toolkit can help you meet standards and obligations outlined by Respect@Work.

Safetrac Compliance LMS

  • Online platform to house training and access for staff to complete training
  • Ability to upload your policies within the platform, capture staff acknowledgements and report on these
  • Detailed reporting on learning groups, progress, completion and knowledge gaps
  • Build your own surveys, questionnaires and audits

Optional Inclusions

  • Anonymised surveys: Using our anonymised surveys, you can assess the prevalence of sexual harassment in your workplace and benchmark your progress over time.
  • Business Health Check: By accessing our health check tool, you can analyse your current state to see what you’re missing, what you already have in place and what you might need to focus on next.
  • Example Policy Template: If you haven’t updated your policies inline with the new Respect@Work laws, we can help by providing you with a template to help you get started.

Legally Updated Courses

You can choose one or bundle as many courses as you’d like depending on your business needs.

Our courses also come in various formats (5-minute and 30-minute modules) and can be tailored based on industry scenarios to make it more relevant for your staff:

View our Respect@Work Learning Roadmap for the best way to roll out your organisation’s compliance training.

Support and implementation services to help you get started

What’s included?

Platform Setup

Our Client Services team will set up your users, learning groups, personalised tags and user roles within the platform to save you the hassle.

Dedicated Customer Support

You’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager and Implementation Consultant who will provide personalised assistance in setup, support questions and more.

Training Program Roll-Out

With 20+ years of experience in rolling out learning groups and training programs, our team make compliance training easier by helping you design schedules, learning matrixes, automate recurring enrolments and set the right frequency of scheduled courses depending on your needs.

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