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Banking Code of Practice Training

Online Compliance Course

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Course length:
15-20 minutes online

Banking Code of Practice

Course audience:
All personnel who work in the banking industry

Available in Australia

Course type:
Accelerated iThis course type is designed for learners with prior knowledge, giving learners more ability to self-direct how they engage with the full course content. Using scenarios with voice-overs, tests within the course, and a ‘Learn More’ option, learners can engage the course on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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About this course

The Banking Code of Practice sets out the standards of practice and service in the Australian Banking Industry for individual and small business customers and their guarantors. The Code provides safeguards and protections not set out in the law, rather it complements the law and sets higher standards than legislation.

Safetrac’s ‘Banking Code of Practice’ course ensures that staff are trained on the information provided in the code. It is a condition of membership of the Australian Banking Association (ABA) that member banks with a retail presence in Australia sign up to the Code.

Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should:

  • understand the standards of practice and service in the Australian banking industry for member banks
  • have comprehensive knowledge of the Code of Practice
  • understand the statement of guiding principles which provides an ethical, customer-oriented and sustainable framework
  • understand good decision-making when performing work and serving customers

Course contents

  • Introduction to the Code
  • Statement of Guiding Principles
  • How the Code works
  • Our customer’s banking relationship
  • Using our banking services
  • Inclusive and accessible banking
  • When a customer applies for a loan
  • Lending to a small business
  • Guaranteeing a loan
  • Managing the customer’s account
  • Customers experiencing financial difficulty
  • Resolving a customer’s complaint
  • Code monitoring, complaints and sanctions

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