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Compliance training made simple. Empower every worker, anywhere, with bite-sized learning.

Supercharge your compliance training with Safetrac’s MicroLearns – the flexible solution that caters to your workforce’s diverse learning needs, whether they’re scattered across locations or a mix of field and office staff.

Facing compliance training hurdles? Safetrac has your back. 

In a world where compliance training can be a snooze-fest or a logistical nightmare, Safetrac’s MicroLearns swoop in to save the day. These bite-sized nuggets are designed to meet the needs of your diverse and dispersed workforce.

Explore how MicroLearns are reshaping your path to mastering compliance training

High completion rates

MicroLearns boast average completion rates exceeding 83%*.

Supercharge productivity

Over 53% of organisations report a positive impact on staff productivity with MicroLearns*.

Engage your workforce

MicroLearns can increase employee engagement by a staggering 50%*.

Retention booster

Experience retention rates soaring between 25% to 60%*.

Safetrac’s MicroLearn courses 

Safetrac’s MicroLearn courses offer easily digestible learning in short, impactful sessions and designed for all employees, including on-the-go professionals, retail staff, young employees and rural-based staff.

Trusted experts in streamlining compliance training for top ASX-listed companies and mid-market businesses.

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Why Microlearns

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional training methods are no longer effective. Safetrac’s MicroLearns are at the forefront of transforming compliance training, catering to the evolving needs of modern learners. Short attention spans and evolving learning styles require a shift towards micro-learning.

Built for all learners

Bite-sized learning

Ideal for office or field positions

Faster compliance updates

Interactive content

Transforming compliance with Safetrac’s comprehensive solution

Choose Safetrac for your compliance training needs and enjoy flexible solutions. Integrate courses seamlessly into your LMS via SCORM files or simplify training management with our platform. Easily roll out training, track completion, analyse learner responses, address knowledge gaps, and obtain audit-ready records—all within our Compliance LMS.

Safetrac Compliance Platform

Use our platform to schedule, deliver, manage and report on your compliance training and surveys.

SCORM for your LMS

Off-the-shelf, customised or bespoke courses can be provided in SCORM format for upload to your LMS.

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What are microlearn courses?

Microlearns are brief, 5-10 minute modules allowing users to learn at their own pace. These video-based sessions minimise on-screen text, accommodating diverse learning styles. Closed captions are provided with mobile-friendly design and conversational scripts, learners can complete compliance training anytime, anywhere.

Why use Safetrac's MicroLearns?

Video-based learning utilises short 1–2-minute videos to engage learners effectively, as they retain 95% of information from videos compared to 10% from text. Organised in a ‘video library’ format, these microlearn modules offer a user-friendly experience. Featuring relatable scenarios and characters, the videos cater to diverse industries. With voice-over narration and accessible closed captions, learners benefit from multi-sensory engagement. A new video creation tool introduces a unique style distinct from existing content.

What specific skills or knowledge gaps do microlearns address?

Microlearns are designed to address several specific skills or knowledge gaps by breaking down complex information into smaller, more digestible units. Some of the key areas where microlearns can be particularly effective is retention and recall, personalisation, engagement, accessibility and just-in-time learning.

How effective are microlearns compared to traditional training methods?

Research suggests that microlearns can lead to higher knowledge retention and application compared to traditional training methods, largely due to its focus on short, focused bursts of information that are easier for learners to digest and apply.

How do microlearns accommodate different learning styles and preferences?

Microlearns can accommodate different learning styles and preferences by offering diverse formats such as videos, quizzes, simulations, and interactive modules, allowing learners to choose the method that best suits their learning preferences.


*High completion rates – 2021 EdApp; *Supercharge productivity – ATD: *Engage your workforce –Brandon Hall Group: *Retention rate – The Research Institute of America

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Why businesses trust Safetrac

Best Compliance Program Winners

We have won LearnX Asia Pacific’s “Best Compliance Training Program” platinum-level award for the last 13 years in a row.

Chosen by ASX-listed companies

Safetrac’s acclaimed courses and platform are the preferred choice of leading ASX-listed corporations, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and trustworthiness.

1,100,000+ Learners

Over 1.1 million staff have been educated in Safetrac’s engaging courseware.

20+ Years’ Experience

Formed in 1999, Safetrac has been providing engaging compliance training to businesses for over 20 years.

4.9/5 Customer Retention Rate

Trusted for top-quality compliance courses, program rollout, and customer service.

ISO Accredited

Safetrac is ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management) Accredited and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) Accredited.


No Safetrac client rolling out our compliance training annually has been found by a regulator to have an inadequate compliance training program in place. This is reflected in our 97% Client Retention and 96% Customer Service Rating.

Legally updated content

Safetrac’s off-the-shelf and customised courseware is updated at the time of legislative change. Our course content blends the need for legal accuracy while being interactive and engaging.

2,300,000+ online training courses delivered

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