Compliance Training Options

Safetrac offers a large range of off the shelf compliance courses that can be customised to your needs.

We can also build any online course you require and help convert face-to-face training into an interactive online training module.

All courses are available for deployment on our compliance platform or in SCORM for deployment on your LMS.

Compliance training like no other

Your Industry

What areas of compliance are important to your business and industry? What courses would be suitable?

Your Company

Easily customise Safetrac’s courses to reflect your company’s culture – making content easy to understand because it is highly relevant.

Your Staff

Staff are not all the same, so the approach to training them shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Identifying cohorts within your staff and delivering the best structured training on the right device to each cohort will remove barriers to learning, increase completion rates and ensure minimal disruption to their work day.


Safetrac courses are highly interactive and must be navigated through. They are much more than point-and-click courses, engaging staff through use of questioning and quizzes to improve engagement and, at the same time, increase the understanding of the content being taught.


Course test results help you identify knowledge gaps and potential risks in your organisation, so you can create action plans to mitigate against those risks.

Repeatable Action

By regularly engaging and repeating your training, not only will you meet your compliance requirement but you will help create a positive culture change within your organisation and a culture of compliance.

Monitoring Legislation

Safetrac ensures all training that is delivered to clients is up-to-date alongside legislative change – providing you with correct and current courseware.

Safetrac compliance training solutions are designed by e-learning experts and approved by top tier legal subject matter experts.

We work with you in reviewing 7 key components of your compliance objectives  in order to deliver a training program that will engage and educate your staff.

No other provider will go to these lengths to ensure your compliance program will work for your organisation. It is why no Safetrac client rolling out our compliance training annually has been found by a regulator to have an inadequate compliance training program in place.

Safetrac’s course structures

Our course structures are designed with a learner’s journey in mind. Together, they form a holistic approach to engaging compliance.

Learner Journey

Enabling you and your staff to save time and enhance learning

Unique to Safetrac, the Learner Journey is an enhanced compliance training curriculum which includes the above multiple formats of courses that are up to date with current legislation.

Benefits of using the Learner Journey program:

  • Safetrac monitors and updates legislative changes on your behalf, saving you time and effort
  • Ensures your staff are trained in the correct and most current legislation
  • Time saving focus, allowing staff more time & opportunity to factor training into their workload
  • Puts the learner’s time and knowledge first by allowing learners to skip training if they understand the information already

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Example Learner Journey:

Year 1

  1. Structured Learning Training Course (to learn new topic)

Interim Training

(ShortBurst Course or Booster Course)

Year 2

  1. Pre-assessment (to determine knowledge retention)
  2. Accelerated Training Course (to focus on knowledge gaps)

Interim Training

(ShortBurst Course or Booster Course)

Year 3

  1. Pre-assessment (to determine knowledge retention)
  2. MicroLearn Course (to focus on knowledge gaps)

Available for a range of industries

View courses that are suited to yours.



Award-winning online compliance training designed to fit the needs of your organisation.

Safetrac has award winning region based compliance training courses.



Award-winning, off-the-shelf, customised, bespoke and ShortBurstTM courses for Australia.

New Zealand

Off-the-shelf, customised, bespoke and ShortBurstTM courses for New Zealand legislation.



Choose from a range of compliance courses to support your business at a Global level.