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Manage compliance training, policies, surveys and reporting in one platform.

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With Safetrac Compliance LMS, you can save time and manage your compliance training, existing courses, and policies in one secure place. Choose from Safetrac’s suite of legally-updated courses or BYO learning modules, manage and distribute policies and get full visibility on completion, knowledge gaps and reporting.

Our Compliance LMS is Australian-made and a scalable platform that can manage multiple subsidiaries and thousands of users all in the one hub.

Solving the pain of compliance training management

  • Make auditing easy and manage your entire compliance, training and policies in one place

  • Get your workforce up to date on legislative changes and reduce organisational risk

  • Get full visibility of training effectiveness, engagement, progress, knowledge gaps and risks

  • Report down to the detail to see exactly how your workforce is tracking across key groups

Benefits of using Safetrac Compliance LMS

Manage training, track progress and distribute policies in one place

Effortlessly manage compliance and training with our LMS platform.

Save time by centralising your training and policies in one place, automate enrolments, and track progress with ease.

With BYO Learning, you can upload your own courses in various formats or run your own courses. Stay on top of compliance with real-time updates and risk alerts.

Analyse knowledge gaps, run surveys and get detailed reporting

Streamline compliance and training management with our detailed reporting and surveys.

Get real-time insights into compliance status, identify risk areas, and drill down into training outcomes.

Our survey management feature enables you to build and manage questionnaires or audits and run detailed reports on survey results.

Secure and locally supported platform

Enhance your training with our secure, Australian-made platform. Accessible on multiple devices, our platform allows staff to complete training from anywhere with internet connection. Your data is stored in Australia with local data servers, and is encrypted to ensure maximum security measures.

With multi-factor authentication and ISO certifications, you can have peace of mind when it comes to data security and compliance.

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For a full list of features, download our Safetrac Compliance LMS Info Pack

Read more about our automated enrolments, set training cycle frequencies, upload your own content, distribute policies and much, much more.

Safetrac Compliance LMS inclusions

Safetrac’s Compliance LMS is a robust compliance solution, designed to make your legal obligations more manageable. Our local support team can set you up in a matter of weeks so you can educate your workforce and meet your compliance obligations sooner.

Our LMS can get setup in no time

Our local support team will setup your platform, users and ensure everything is loaded and ready to use.

Setup of your learning groups

We can help design and setup your learning groups based on courses, division, location and more.

Run audits, surveys & questionnaires

Using Safetrac or your own courses? You can easily run surveys, audits or questionnaires.

Dedicated Customer Support & Account Manager

Our dedicated Client Services team are local and available to support you and your team.

20+ years experience in training rollouts

We make compliance training easy and can help you roll-out your training program, design schedules and a learning matrix.

Choose Safetrac courses or upload your own

Upload your own courses into our platform or choose Safetrac’s legally updated courses.

Safetrac is proudly made, owned and operated in Australia.

BYO Learning

Upload your company’s own courses via various formats, including SCORM, PowerPoint, PDF, and links to online videos. You can also run your own courses using Zoom sessions or past recordings.

Policy distribution and management:

Centralise and automate your regulatory attestations. Host and manage your own policies and track staff agreements in one place.

Group and tag users across modules

Easily upload an organisational matrix and group your users by module, business unit, location, staff level and role, giving you complete control over your training programs and cohorts.

Automated enrolment and emails

Streamline compliance processes with automatic enrolment for staff training. Set annual cycles and receive email reminders for new enrolments and overdue training.

Instant updates and risk alerts

Stay on top of your compliance efforts with real-time updates and risk alerts for underperforming units, courses, and staff.

Run and manage surveys

Securely build and manage your own questionnaires or audits, or take advantage of our pre-built options. Run detailed reports or dashboards on survey results.

Easily report on progress across key areas

You can report on specific areas across the organisation depending on your needs. Easily extract reports and view dashboards by learners, groups, divisions and more. Furthermore, identify knowledge gaps with granular detail by drilling down into training outcomes and assess potential risk areas with flexible, on-demand and in-depth reporting options.

One-click access

Single Sign On for easy and secure access, simplifying staff's access to training and reducing username/password management.

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