Safetrac Compliance Platform

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Using our online Compliance Platform, your organisation will be able to schedule, deliver, manage and report on compliance training and surveys. 

Safetrac’s cloud-based portal is supported by an Australian team of experts, providing you with a compliance platform that is intuitive, works seamlessly across multiple devices, is easy to implement, and provides your business with a comprehensive compliance reporting system.

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Safetrac is proudly made, owned and operated in Australia.

Key features at a glance

No matter your compliance platform requirements, Safetrac has a package to suit your needs.

Security at Safetrac – ensuring your information is protected

Platform benefits and technical functionality

Accessible anywhere

The platform is accessible across multiple devices. Providing staff have access to an internet connection, they can do their training from virtually anywhere.  

Automated notification process

Automated enrolment functionality means less time spent managing your compliance process. Set annual training cycles to suit staff or specific roles, automatically send training reminders to staff, and escalation emails to managers for those employees overdue to complete their training. 


Your Safetrac Compliance Platform can be customised to reflect your organisation’s hierarchy, individual reporting requirements, and business branding. 

Individual SQL Database

Your organisation’s compliance data will be held as a separate database from any other Safetrac customer.

Intuitive dashboard

At a glance, see your:

  • Compliance and Career Skills training obligations and options
  • Surveys that you have been assigned to complete
  • Overdue courses and surveys
  • Compliance calendar

Nothing to install

Our fully hosted Compliance Platform means zero impact on your IT department, with all functionalities updated and enhancements instantly available. 

Pre-assess your team

Save time on training by testing the knowledge of the staff at the start of the training session. If they are deemed to require further knowledge, they can continue through the manual and re-try the test.

Real-time reporting

Safetrac replaces traditional static reports with real-time reporting functionality. This provides you with the ability to view the actual compliance status of your organisation at any time.

Risk alerts

Providing you with instant updates, risk alerts automatically screen your organisation’s reporting data to flag organisation units, courses, areas of law and staff that are not meeting the required standard.  

API available

Your HR system can use Safetrac’s API to: 

  • Add and update users to the Safetrac system 
  • Enrol users to Safetrac courses 
  • Retrieve test results over a specified period

Further to this, Safetrac is available via Zapier to connect to many popular HR systems in the marketplace. 

Auditable survey functionality

Safetrac’s auditable survey functionality will give you a secure, flexible and responsive tool to support your compliance goals. Build your own questionnaires, audits and attestations, or talk to us about our pre-built and legally checked topic-specific solutions. 

The difference between our tool and others in the market is that the Safetrac survey tool is designed for compliance purposes, tracking and measuring respondents and their responses for a truly auditable tool. 


Questionnaires allow you to run internal surveys with strong security and a variety of reporting and assessment options. Utilise a range of single choice, multiple choice or full text questions and build your own question flows, triggered questions, and skip question functionality. 



Safetrac supports online sign off on compliance-critical processes and documents. Use the Safetrac attestation feature to record and apply digital signatures to create signed documents attesting to your compliance reports. 



Create questionnaires for managers to answer with respect to each of their team members.

Compliance calendar

Manage your learner alerts and incorporate training, surveys, and other compliance tasks. 

Hierarchies, groups and tags

Segment your audience for easy delivery of content and easily analyse defined audiences for reporting. 

Internal learning

Safetrac understands that some compliance activities may be best dealt with in-house. That’s why the Safetrac platform offers dedicated functionality to support your internal compliance efforts. The internal learning & reporting functionality allows you to track and report on internal training such as: 

  • Internal digital training (coming soon), whether developed as SCORM, PDF, PowerPoint, or another supported file
  • Face-to-face and video-conference training.

This functionality will allow you to not only track attendance but measure knowledge retention through building your own assessment tests. Then, using the Safetrac reporting tools, you’ll be able to assess, audit and report on your staff’s holistic training program and identify if there are any knowledge gaps, weaknesses or risks in your organisation. 

Onboarding and self enrolment

Induct your staff into training easily and allow contractors to access courses and assigned audits and questionnaires with ease. It only takes minutes to have someone enrolled into the system and into a suite of courses, audits and questionnaires that are designed for their roles. 

Policy distribution

Host and manage any of your own organisation’s policies directly onto the system. Once uploaded, the Safetrac system allows you to track staff agreements to follow your policies, test and measure their understanding. What’s more, easily identify staff who may be presenting as a risk to the organisation due to non-compliance. 

Single Sign On (SSO)

Simplify your staff’s access to training with Single Sign On (SSO) entry access to the Safetrac compliance platform. The secure SAML 2.0 interface protocol makes it is easy to set up access for your internal personnel and reduces the management of username and password issues. 

“We worked with Safetrac on establishing Single Sign On (SSO) for our staff to Safetrac’s compliance platform. Safetrac has made the process so simple that it was easy to implement – within a day of starting the conversation about SSO, it was completed, and staff had immediate access to their training.”

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Platform security and protection

Safetrac’s web-application is hosted in a highly secure and scalable cloud environment. It exists across multiple locations within Australia featuring a high degree of built-in redundancies to provide a robust and fault tolerant system.

Proudly made and owned in Australia, The Safetrac Platform is supported by a local team of experts. It is constantly under development and all enhancements, maintenance and upgrades are made with consideration to up to date security recommendations and best practices.

The web-application sits behind a WAF (Web Application Firewall) and is protected by various industry leading security tools. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit and resides in Australia.

Safetrac is certified for the international standards of ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, which ensures we follow compliant processes, maintenance and auditing protocols. Our ISO certifications are audited annually and we regularly conduct penetration testing, meaning you can rest assured that security is always at our front of mind.

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