Respect@Work White Paper

This article provides a detailed explanation of each legal change brought about by the Respect at Work Act 2021, the Respect at Work Act 2022, and state and territory occupational/health and safety legislative changes.

It discusses:

  • The increased enforcement powers of the Australian Human Rights Commission;
  • Possible avenues for review of compliance notices issued to employers;
  • New or recent sex-based offences including hostile work environments and sex-based harassment;
  • Worker entitlements relating to miscarriages and stop sexual harassment orders;
  • Alterations to the unfair dismissal regime;
  • Changes to reporting obligations under the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012; and
  • Employers’ duty to manage psychosocial risks

In addition, the article contains a concise, dot-point summary of each amendment discussed, as well as a list of strategies that organisations can adopt as part of a move towards greater legal compliance.

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