About Safetrac

Supporting your business

Since its formation in 1999, Safetrac has provided businesses with engaging compliance training to ensure staff understand their legal obligations while passing the rigorous requirements of regulatory investigation. Today, Safetrac is recognised as providing the best compliance training programs in the Asia Pacific*.


We are very proud of the fact that during our 20-year history, no Safetrac client rolling out our compliance training annually has been found by a regulator to have an inadequate compliance training program in place.


* Safetrac has been awarded Learnx’s Platinum Award for Best Compliance Training Program from 2011-2022 and APAC Insider Best Compliance Training Provider 2018

Delivering improved compliance outcomes

Our courses have been designed to engage and educate staff on important compliance training topics. We blend region-specific law and meeting a regulator’s training requirements with interesting scenarios and learning interactions. This content ensures staff are engaged in the courseware, retain information and therefore maximise learning outcomes.


Today, Safetrac provides a range of comprehensive online compliance training courses for Australia and New Zealand, delivered via our compliance training platform or as SCORM to a client’s internal Learning Management System (LMS).

‘Engaging Compliance’ is better for business

While many organisations view annual compliance training as a ‘tick-the-box’ exercise, at Safetrac we view it as a form of brand protection.


Staff who understand their obligations are less likely to breach the law and harm your organisation’s brand and reputation.


Further, annual compliance training provides an opportunity to engage with staff about your organisation’s culture and to assure them of their rights to a safe and harmonious workplace. This in turn helps drives improved staff engagement and retention.

Engaging compliance is customised compliance

While we provide many organisations with off the shelf compliance training, we understand that truly engaging compliance training is created when off the shelf training is customised to reflect the issues, risks, and concerns that are unique to your organisation.


At Safetrac, our consultants will work with you to ensure your training drives engagement between all levels and departments of your organisation. This means making it relevant to your work environment so that staff engage better with the content and maximise retention of information.

Proudly Australian Made and Owned

Safetrac has been genuinely Australian since its inception in 1999. The famous Australian Made logo is underpinned by a rigorous third-party accreditation system and having Safetrac courses accredited gives our partners confidence they are supporting local business and – by extension – directly supporting the Australian economy.

Furthermore, our 550+ clients can benefit from knowing not only are they receiving best-in-breed compliance training, but they are partnering with an Australian-owned, reliable company with the processes, security, and support to deliver top tier service.

Let Safetrac support your business with ‘engaging compliance’