Integrate with Safetrac

No matter what HR system your company uses, Safetrac’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to connect your software to ours, for seamless use of sharing data and processes.

Via Safetrac’s API you can:

Create Users

Adding a new staff member or contact in your HR system will automatically generate a new user on your instance of the Safetrac platform.

Enrol Users

Simplify your compliance processes by enrolling staff members in their Safetrac compliance training from your HR system via the API.

Update Users

You can equally use the Safetrac API to push changes to user details from your HR system onto the Safetrac platform.

Return Test Results

Once your people have completed their compliance training with Safetrac, your HR system can also retrieve bulk test results and update your HR system.

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Security at Safetrac – ensuring your information is protected

Automate processes with Zapier

Furthering your connection with us, Safetrac is available via Zapier to connect many popular HR systems in the marketplace. Zapier is a no-code automation platform and can help any team, of any level, with their Safetrac compliance data.


If you aren’t ready to commit to the Safetrac API and the development work to link your HR system to the Safetrac API, Zapier offers a simpler alternative that can be employed as a first step in automating the link between your HR system and Safetrac.


Please note that this option depends upon the availability of suitable connections being in place between your HRIS and Zapier.