Modern Slavery Toolkit

Streamline your Modern Slavery Compliance

Since the inception of the Modern Slavery Act in 2018, organisations have focused valuable resources to comply with the new reporting regime.  Interpretation and understanding of the legislation has placed a burden on legal counsel, procurement, training and compliance departments.

Safetrac’s Modern Slavery Toolkit, consisting of both training and questionnaires, helps provide a legally reviewed and compliant framework to streamline your modern slavery compliance activities.

About the Modern Slavery Toolkit

  • Designed in collaboration with legal experts
  • Based on the Modern Slavery Act (2018) (the Act),
  • Continuously updated alongside legislative changes and guidance
  • Delivered via a seamless, easy-to-use, online-hosted platform (no burden on internal IT systems)
  • Secures your data in a disparate SQL data base (data from surveys not shared with third parties)
  • Easy enrolment of staff and suppliers allows you to track completions and incomplete testing and surveying
  • Automatically sends reminders and follow-ups to staff and suppliers to complete training and audits
  • Provides an easy, repeatable process for annual training, surveying and year-on-year comparability

Enquire about the Modern Slavery Toolkit today

Safetrac’s Modern Slavery Toolkit will assist your organisation to:

  • Increase organisational awareness of modern slavery
  • Assess your compliance with the Act
  • Audit your supplier’s practices and compliance with regard to the Act
  • Identify risks in operations and supply chains
  • Demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Act
  • Simplify the supply chain audit process

Modern Slavery Toolkit Components

Modern Slavery Questionnaires

  • Pre-built and legally checked
  • Assess, with ease, your:
    • Organisational compliance, and
    • Supply chain compliance
  • Customisable, allowing you to:
    • Provide your own grading scale and thresholds
    • Edit the survey to suit your company and industry
  • Capture, collate, analyse & report on data
  • Automated scoring to help identify risk

Modern Slavery Compliance Training

  • Legally authored with one of Australia’s biggest law firms
  • Delivered online via our platform or yours LMS (via SCORM)
  • Updated alongside legislative change
  • Provides learners with a thorough understanding of what is modern slavery, the current legislation, how it impacts your business and customers, and what action/s they can take
  • Can be deployed to staff, contractors, and suppliers
  • Helps organisations meet training obligations under the Act
  • Incorporates an assessment after the course, which enables you to:

    • Reinforce the learning,
    • Test the adequacy of knowledge of the learner, and
    • Identify knowledge gap risks.