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Ladder Safety

Online Compliance Course

Course length:
45 minutes online

Available in Australia

Course audience:
Employees, contractors and volunteers

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Course type:
Structured iDesigned for learners with little prior knowledge, this course type takes the learner through the course subject sequentially – one step at a time.

About this course

Ladder falls are a frequent hazard in Australia, posing significant danger regardless of the ladder’s height. Even from lower levels, falls can result in severe injuries. The main cause is often improper use or mishandling of ladders. Stressing the gravity of these incidents is crucial; they can lead to serious harm and incapacitation. This underscores the paramount importance of exercising caution and strictly following safety protocols whenever working with ladders.

This course is designed to provide a practical understanding of ladder safety; how to minimise risk, and how to avoid dangerous situations involving the use of ladders.

By the end of this course, participants will have a solid understanding of ladder safety principles and best practices, empowering them to minimise the risk of ladder-related accidents and contribute to a culture of safety in their workplace.

Please note: This is for organisational use and not intended for individual purpose

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Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, your staff will be able to:

  • Develop a solid understanding of ladder safety principles and best practices.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to reduce accidents involving ladders; and
  • Foster a culture of safety in the workplace.

Course contents

  • Ladder Safety
  • Selecting a Ladder
  • Are Conditions Safe for Ladder Use
  • Safe Ladder Positioning
  • Safe Use of Ladders
  • Right or Wrong