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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Online Compliance Course

Course length:
45 minutes online

Course audience:
All employees, contractors and volunteers

Available in Australian, New Zealand, and Region-neutral content format

Course type:
Structured iDesigned for learners with little prior knowledge, this course type takes the learner through the course subject sequentially – one step at a time. AcceleratediThis course type is designed for learners with prior knowledge, giving learners more ability to self-direct how they engage with the full course content. Using scenarios with voice-overs, tests within the course, and a ‘Learn More’ option, learners can engage the course on any smartphone, tablet, or PC. and ShortBurst i Designed for learners seeking a quick summary of specific areas of compliance. This format offers industry-specific content for diverse sectors.

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About this course

The goal of workplace diversity is to achieve a workplace which is genuinely and sustainably equitable for all, regardless of gender, age, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or religious or cultural background, and more.

A workplace that embraces diversity lends itself to many high-level goals, such as increased innovation, efficiency and better results.

Safetrac’s ‘Diversity’ course focuses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It will look at stereotypes, prejudice and bias and how this shapes the way we feel, think and act. It will also cover methods and considerations to be aware of when creating an inclusive workspace and also suggest what to do if someone is behaving inappropriately.

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Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should:

  • understand fairness, diversity and inclusion;
  • know the organisational benefits of diversity;
  • recognise the influence of unconscious bias, stereotypes & prejudice, and how to address them;
  • understand how to create an inclusive workplace; and
  • be aware of what steps to take if someone is behaving inappropriately.

Course contents

  • Mindset
  • Fairness
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • The business case for diversity
  • Stereotypes and prejudice
  • Bias
  • Creating an inclusive workplace
  • What to do if someone is behaving inappropriately