Safetrac continue to expand their course library by launching a number of new training courses including the following:

Contract Law
This courseis designed to make your employees aware of some key contract issues that may arise in the course of your work and encourage your employees to make appropriate assistance within or outside your organisation – course

Spam Act
This course looks at the Spam Act 2003 which covers Australia’a anti-spam legislation. Employees will gain an understanding why the Spam Act was introduced, the key requirements imposed by the Spam Act and how they can ensure that they comply with those requirements in the workplace – course

Social Media
In the first part of this course your employees will be provided with information that will outline what social media is; in the second part your employees knowledge will be tested when they complete an interactive scenario based game on the information they’ve learnt in the first part – course

IT Security Awareness
This course focuses on IT Security user awareness covering areas outlined in your company’s information security policy. All employees, contractors and agents who can access your company’s information communications technology systems should have sufficient training and be aware of potential security risks and what to do in the event of a security breach occurring – course