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Spam Act Training

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Course length:
15-45 minutes online

Spam Act 2003

Course audience:
All personnel who send electronic marketing communications

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Structured iDesigned for learners with little prior knowledge, this course type takes the learner through the course subject sequentially – one step at a time. AcceleratediThis course type is designed for learners with prior knowledge, giving learners more ability to self-direct how they engage with the full course content. Using scenarios with voice-overs, tests within the course, and a ‘Learn More’ option, learners can engage the course on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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About this course

In 2003, Australia introduced legislation in response to concerns about the impact of spam on the effectiveness of electronic communication and the costs imposed on end-users.

The Spam Act 2003 prohibits the sending of spam, which is identified as a commercial electronic message sent without the consent of the addressee via email, short message service (SMS), multimedia message service (MMS) or instant messaging.

Safetrac’s ‘Spam Act’ course provides practical information to businesses that need and wish to send their customers and suppliers electronic messages. It explains the main requirements of the Spam Act 2003 and outlines the business practices that comply with the legislation.

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Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • understand why the Spam Act was introduced;
  • outline the key requirements imposed by the Spam Act; and
  • discuss how you can ensure that your business practices comply with those requirements.

Course contents

  • What is spam?
  • Spam Act, Privacy Act and ACMA
  • Electronic messages
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Industry codes and standards
  • Financial penalties for breach
  • The golden rules
  • Consent
  • Identify
  • Unsubscribe
  • The ACMA
  • Powers to enforce the Spam Act
  • Stance on spam
  • Codes, standards and policies
  • Compliance manager

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