Conceived and led by MinterEllison partners Tony Dhar, Paul Kallenbach and John Steven, the locally designed and developed solution helps clients deliver a seamless governance and compliance experience to board members and senior executives.

“Our clients were calling for a practical, convenient and highly usable software solution to support good governance of their boards,” said MinterEllison partner John Steven. “Boardtrac Plus offers all sorts of efficiencies to our clients, even to those companies with mature and comprehensive governance practices and procedures.”

Boardtrac is a trusted name in governance solutions, since launching the original Boardtrac platform back in 2012. Designed and developed with input from experienced administrators and board members, BoardTrac Plus is the next step in the digitisation of board governance.

“Its capabilities are a first for the Australian market… providing a secure and easy-to-use digital App solution that really simplifies board administration and brings great efficiencies to Directors; especially those sitting on multiple boards.”

Designed for use by public and private companies, government departments and not-for-profit clients, Boardtrac Plus offers scalable and flexible solutions.

“Our team has developed the most up-to-date solution for our clients – we have upskilled and invested, and together we have built a product that is market leading today… and our Agile approach means we can rollout future updates and improvements very quickly to help us stay at the leading edge,” said MinterEllison partner Tony Dhar.

“We want Boardtrac Plus to be a solution that will be embraced by board members sitting around the boardroom table and by senior executives getting on with their day-to-day operations.”

“Combining the expertise we have at MinterEllison with that of the Safetrac Group, we have built up a leading development house. For MinterEllison, this capability is incredibly exciting as it will really drive forward efficiencies for our law firm, and deliver noticeable benefits for our clients”, said MinterEllison partner Paul Kallenbach.

All organisations interested in efficient planning, execution and secure distribution of documents in a paperless environment can use the Boardtrac Plus solution for meetings and providing secure access.

Safetrac is proud to announce that we have been recognised as the best compliance training program provider in the Asia Pacific region at the annual LearnX Impact Awards Asia Pacific 2017.

This is the seventh year in a row that Safetrac has received this pinnacle accolade.

In addition to the critical document dissemination capability, Boardtrac Plus also enables:

  • Creation, distribution, and editing of meeting materials, as well as the ability to make last-minute updates.
  • Users to make and submit notes and highlights directly onto electronic copies of documents.
  • Voting on items via a ‘show of hands’, circular resolution or secret ballot.
  • Agendas to be created and edited for standard and special meetings.
  • Meeting management, including sending out invites (with an associated map), and monitoring of acceptance and declines.
  • Building personalised ‘document libraries’ with folders of relevant materials for easy access. This could include governance materials, policies, procedures, guidelines and instructions. This feature can be used on its own to enable project teams to share and collaborate on confidential documentation.
  • Remote purging of content in case of loss or theft of a device, including deleting of all stored content.
  • Representing our commitment to clients’ needs and leading innovation, Boardtrac Plus is a multi-platform solution that can be used on any connected device.

Boardtrac Plus is available for purchase by license subscription. The tool is a scalable offering with solutions suitable for use by public and private companies, government departments, universities, sports organisations and not-for-profit clients.