Client Services is at the core of our brand.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service experience possible.


Engaging Course Creation

Our instructional designers and subject matter experts can work with you to turn paper based policies and procedures, into interactive and engaging online training courses. These courses can then be delivered either via the Safetrac LMS, or as SCORM content on your LMS depending on your business needs.


Continually updated content

Our courses are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure they engage staff as well as comply with current legal requirements and legislations.

Any changes will automatically be included in your courseware so that you can focus on your business, knowing that your employees have access to courses compliant with current legislation.


Managed Services

We will work with you to manage your instance and schedule, roll out and ensure your Safetrac training is rolled out successfully to your organisation.

Policy Management

Safetrac Policy Management provides your company with the ability to upload and manage internal company policies via our LMS. Each policy can be added and distributed with the control to track which employees have read, accepted and / or understood the company policies. Policies can include Code of Conduct, Business Ethics and Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption.

Fully customisable

Need something different? All our courses can be customised to fit your business, or we can work with your to build bespoke courses from scratch on any governance, risk or compliance topic.

Streamlined implementation

At Safetrac, we’re here to help. We will set up your instance on the Safetrac platform, and ensure you are trained and supported during the implementation process.