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The power of microlearning in compliance training


Did you know that a quick 10-minute microlearning course achieves an impressive 82% completion rate* and 50% higher employee engagement compared to traditional methods?**

What if there was a solution that not only engages employees but also ensures compliance across your organisation? In today’s fast-paced world, where traditional compliance training struggles to keep up with the demands of modern and dispersed workforces, microlearning emerges as a beacon of effective learning.

Watch Safetrac’s on-demand webinar to discover how MicroLearns can propel your team forward in compliance training.

During the on-demand webinar, we cover:

  • The changing landscape of workplace learning
  • The benefits of MicroLearns in compliance training
  • A live walk-through of a MicroLearn course
  • Available courses and customisation options
  • Q&A Session (15 minutes)

Watch the on-demand webinar now!

About the speakers

Deborah Coram

CEO of Safetrac

Helen Jamieson

Head of Client Services at Safetrac

Amy Price

Head of Content at Safetrac

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*2021 EdApp internal data  **Brandon Hall Study Group