Social media in the Workplace Course


Today, social media is a term everyone knows. With over 3.773 billion internet users and 2.789 billion active social media users around the world, people in even the most remote areas of the world have at least heard of Facebook and Twitter.

Increasingly social media is being used by businesses to interact with their customers – building a community, increasing awareness of their business and boosting profits.

Safetrac’s course on ‘Social Media in the Workplace – Global’ provides you and your employees with guidelines governing the use of social media in the workplace.

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Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • understand what social media covers;
  • discuss the acceptable use of social media in the workplace;
  • understand why your organisation should have clear social media guidelines.

Course contents

  • What is social media?
  • Using social media for work-related purposes
  • Overview of social media guidelines
  • Positive & negative effects of social media
  • Positive social media and you
  • Negative effects of social media
  • Professional posts
  • Legal issues
  • Confidentiality
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A few presentation slides used during the course.

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