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Life Insurance Code of Practice Course

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Course length:
30-45 minutes online

Life Insurance Code of Practice

Course audience:
Life Insurance services personnel

Available in Australian content format

Course type:
Structured iDesigned for learners with little prior knowledge, this course type takes the learner through the course subject sequentially – one step at a time.

About this course

The Life Insurance Code of Practice (the Code) is the life insurance industry’s commitment to mandatory customer service standards.

Training in the Life Insurance Code of Practice allows consistent standards of service and practice in staff working in the Australian life insurance industry by training staff on the Code, expectations under the Code and preventing breaches of the Code.

Safetrac’s ‘Life Insurance Code of Practice’ course focuses on giving staff in the life insurance industry a general understanding of the Code; including what policies it covers, its objectives, standards and handling customer complaints under the Code.

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Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should:

  • understand the Code of Practice;
  • be aware of the standards for employees and authorised representatives under the Code; and
  • understand the complaints handling process.

Course contents

  • About the Code
  • What policies are covered?
  • Policy design and disclosure
  • Buying insurance which requires an underwriting decision
  • Policy changes and cancellation rights
  • Consumers requiring additional support
  • Insurance claims
  • Income-related benefits
  • Complaints and disputes
  • Standard for third parties
  • Code monitoring and enforcement

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Enquire about this course