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Industrial Manslaughter Booster Course

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Course length:
15 minutes online

Course audience:
All staff

Applicable if you conduct business in ACT, Northern Territory, Queensland or Victoria

Course type:
Short booster course

About this course

With the aim of combating workplace fatalities, four states in Australia have enacted legislation to criminalise workplace manslaughter.

Workplace manslaughter laws have been introduced in the ACT, Northern Territory, Queensland, and Victoria. If you have staff that operate in any of these states, regardless of where your head office is based, you will be liable to meet these laws and be held accountable if a breach occurs.

The laws make negligent conduct that causes workplace fatalities a criminal offence, punishable with severe penalties.

Safetrac’s ‘Industrial Manslaughter Booster’ course will focus on the workplace manslaughter offences that have been introduced in the above states.

Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Understand what workplace manslaughter is;
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities; and
  • Identify, eliminate or control workplace hazards.

Course contents

  • Introduction
  • What is workplace manslaughter?
  • Module Challenge
  • Equipment Fault
  • COVID-19
  • Mobile and Remote Workers
  • Conclusion

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Enquire about this course