Induction Training Course


Induction training introduces new employee to your organisation, their team, their job and what you expect of them. With Safetrac’s ‘Induction Training’, courses are customised to create a unique and interactive experience for starters.

Each course includes information on key compliance requirements including ‘Consumer Protection and Unfair Business Conduct’, ‘Anti-Competitive Conduct’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Equal Opportunity’ and ‘Work Health and Safety’ and can be tailored to reflect the policies of your organisation.

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Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • understand who we are and what we do;
  • our history;
  • our key strategies;
  • our policies and procedures.

Course contents

  • CEO address
  • Our mission
  • Our values
  • Our people and departments
  • Our compliance requirements
  • Your employment
  • Types of leave
  • Show me the money
  • Dress code
  • Managing your performance
  • Organisation policy snapshot
  • Employee assistance program
  • System access
  • Getting you online
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Course preview

A few presentation slides used during the course.

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