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General Insurance Code of Practice Training

Online Compliance Course

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Course length:
15-45 minutes online

General Insurance Code of Practice

Course audience:
All personnel who work for general insurers who subscribe to the Code

Available in Australia

Course type:
Structured iDesigned for learners with little prior knowledge, this course type takes the learner through the course subject sequentially – one step at a time. and Accelerated iThis course type is designed for learners with prior knowledge, giving learners more ability to self-direct how they engage with the full course content. Using scenarios with voice-overs, tests within the course, and a ‘Learn More’ option, learners can engage the course on any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

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About this course

The Insurance Council of Australia Limited has developed the General Insurance Code of Practice as a voluntary code of practice for use by all insurers.

It is a self-regulatory code that aims to provide higher standards of customer service by making policy documents easier to understand, improving the claims process and complaints handling procedures.

Safetrac’s ‘General Insurance Code of Practice’ course assists employees in understanding their obligations and the standards they must met when providing services to their customers, such as being open, fair and honest.

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Learning outcomes

On completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • understand the Code of Practice;
  • be aware of the standards for employees and authorised representatives; and
  • understand the complaints handling process.

Course contents

  • About the General Insurance Code of Practice
  • Buying insurance
  • Standards for employees and AR’s
  • Other standards
  • Insurance claims
  • Financial hardship
  • Catastrophes
  • Complaints handling
  • Information and education
  • Code governance committee
  • Code monitoring and enforcement
  • Access to information

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